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Perfect companion for both concert / rehearsal use, as well as for studio and home. Tube power amplifier Energy is made in a robust metal housing and designed for use with preamps, processors, pedals, etc. There are three available versions of power amplifier – switchable 5/2 W, 30/15 W and 50/25 W. So you can order one that best suits your needs!

Please, pay attention, that the price differs, depending on power:

5/2 W - $ 339

30/15 W - $ 389

50/25 W - $ 439

Please, indicate the required power in customer note in the order form and we will send you the correct invoice.



• Absolutely suitable for DIFFERENT STYLES

• Has VOLUME control, PRESENCE control that serves to regulate high frequency in the output signal, FOCUS control that adds low and lower middle and TONE CUT control that reduces gain at higher frequencies

• Due to these controls as well as to the fact that the maximum sensitivity is 100 mV you can connect your guitar, if necessary, directly to the power amplifier

• DAMPING switch changes the character of the sound amplifier radically

• POWER FULL / 1/2 changes the output power amplifier in about 2 times

• In all versions of the amplifiers push-pull output stage is used

• It is possible to connect 4 ohm and 8 ohms load

• 5 Watt-amplifier has a headphone output

• Output transformers with a 3-fold margin of power are used. It allows to obtain high-quality sound when you play in low tunings, and versions 30W and 50W can be used with a bass guitar

• Small enough to sit on the passenger seat of your car on the way to a gig


• Tubes: 2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12BH7 (version 5 W) / 2 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L6 (versions 30 and 50 W)

• Input impedance: 220 kOhms

• Power output (switchable): 1 ) 5/2 W 2 ) 30/15 W 3) 50/25 W

• Power supply: Standard 220 V 50/60 Hz / or custom made upon request (varies from country)

• Power consumption: 40 W (version 5 W) 110 W (30 W version) 150W (50W version)

• Dimensions: D x W x H about 220 x 380 x 235 mm (8.7 x 15 x 9.4 inches)

• Weight: 7 Kg / 15.4 lb (version 5W), 8 Kg / 17.6 lb (version 30W) 9.5 Kg / 21 lb (version 50W)

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