We are glad to help you if you have any question about the product. We will include some often questions from the customers to this category.


- Are your products really all tube and handcrafted?

- Yes, we produce only all tube and handcrafted equipment to get true professional tube sound.


- In what countries do you deliver your products?

- We deliver our products worldwide. Please, get in touch with us to know the exact delivery costs to your country for a selected product.


- I think there is a problem with my gear, what do I do?

- In the first instance, please contact us. Once the troubleshooting procedure has been completed (over 75% of issues are fixed this way) and the equipment needs to come back to us, you will need to complete the returns form and include it in the package. We will provide you the details of where to send it to.


- My eqiupment started having a hiss/noise/problem...

- Has anything else changed? Many noise problems are due to inferior power supply. Have you tried it by itself in the chain? When finding problems it's best to isolate the assumed source. Have you tried it with different cables? Are you using the gain channel of your amp or clean channel? Most high gain pedals sound best into the clean channel of an amp.


- What is the warranty on the equipment?

- 1 year warranty includes parts and labor. You are responsible to ship it to us and back. If we open it up and find repairs are needed because of misuse, abuse (accidental or not) or neglect than we will not cover the repairs for free. The warranty will transfer to the new owner should you sell the equipment as well.