Shipping & Payment

Shipping options

We ship all the products worldwide via EMS for safe and fast delivery. You get the tracking number as soon as the item is shipped. 

Please, leave your actual phone number for the EMS workers to be able to get in touch with you and check the location from time to time to know when the product is delivered.

Usually it takes 10-14 days to ship the item. Our shipping prices are affordable, taking into account the weight of the products. 

We are calculating the prices individually, depending on the region you live in and the product you order. 

For example, we ship preamplifiers to Europe for about $70 and to USA for about $90. Please, get in touch with our support to have the latest quote for delivery.

Payment options

We accept the following payment methods for your orders: PayPal and VISA, MasterCard via PayPal.

This is fast, easy, and the most safe way to make payments online.

If for any reasons you would like to pay via another payment system, as bank transfer or money transfer, please, get in touch with us to discuss the possible solutions.